5 Reasons Why Consignment Shops Are Becoming So Popular

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In the past, purchasing used clothes was something that was frowned upon.

Many people believed it was something that only poor people did because they had to, and not as a choice. However, things have definitely changed.

Millions of people now search for vintage clothing which has resulted in online consignment shops becoming an $18 billion industry.

And there is more to this trend of what was called ‘used clothing’ in the past. From finding funky items at your favourite stores to pre-loved, glamorous designer clothing, an increasing number of fashionistas are searching for unique and memorable items at affordable prices.

Are you ready to save money while making powerful fashion statements?

The following five reasons explain why consignment shops have become increasingly popular and the new normal.

Get on board while the bargains are still available.

#1 – Great Value

Fashion can be expensive.

But what about picking up eye-catching items at affordable prices?

Shopping at charity and consignment shops means you can find pre-loved designer clothing to rare and unique finds at incredibly low prices. As an added bonus, many boutiques offer a percentage of their profits to people in need.

If there are no charity shops in your neighbourhood, don’t worry. Online shopping also offers charitable fashion choices these days. With fabulous offerings of accessories and clothing on your favourite websites, for just a fraction of the cost of purchasing new items, there’s never been a better time to shop.

#2 – Saves Energy & Time 

With many consignment and second hand stores now offering an online experience, you can browse online stores or social media’s to view available items in store.

We always recommend heading in store to try on pieces as this way you can ensure you will love your new (but not quite new) purchase!

#3 – Authenticity

You do need to be careful if you are wanting authentic designer items.

Some places such as eBay are notorious for fakes. However, most consignment stores will authenticate and check items before hanging them for sale.

So how can you tell whether or not you can trust a second hand item? If possible, check their reviews, and make sure there is a section on their website that discusses how they verify items before putting them up for sale.

It pays to do a little homework.

Find out about the brands available to you right here.

#4 – Incredibly Unique 

With an increasing number of people shunning trends and wanting to express their unique personal style, shopping at consignment stores is becoming increasingly popular.

This process is explained by fashion label Tierra Alma who note that many stores are committed to contributing to a circular economy via their own upcycled label collection. They go on to explain “these stores offer a wide range of previously owned designer clothes and sustainably sourced products that are acquired via their own internal processes.”

That means you could find anything!

#5 – Resale Value

Maybe you are on the other side of this spectrum.

Perhaps you inherited a bunch of vintage pieces from your grandmother but they are not all to your taste.

Business loan experts Max Funding explain that there are now consignment stores that make it very easy to sell select pieces online. They note “micro-lenders have helped create niche business models where fashion lovers buy and sell garments online. All that is needed is to take a few good photos and send them out. From there entire businesses can grow.”

Giving your items a new loving home and even letting you treat yourself to something special in exchange is now an option.

Are you done with certain designer clothes but you don’t really want to donate them to charity due to the fact that they originally cost you a small fortune?

You can resell your designer items to consignment stores.

So get out there and discover, purchase and enjoy a few unique vintage pieces.


Written by: Jonathan Simpson

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