Pandemic Chic!

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Covid-19 is probably the most momentous event since WW2, impacting on everyone in ways we could not have imagined and will continue to play out as fat tail events do and like all major events has the effect of creating winners and losers in our communities.

And as for us!

Yup we have had a big upturn in interest and expect it will grow substantially as savvy resourceful consumers realize what a treasure trove, they have available from us as the style lovers realize they can have their cake and eat it to!

Another thing that is happening that’s good for us is the attitude that somehow recycled clothes are dirty is being rolled back as people realize the dichotomy of sleeping in 6 star hotels where second hand bedding carries a greater risk of nasties than any piece of secondhand clothing can possibly offer!

With eye watering quality pieces like a Valentino dress for $195, a Chanel Cashmere dress, a men’s Ermenegildo Zegna suit $195, a Givenchy handbag for $595, a stunning Proenza Schouler dress at $195, a Scanlan Theodore dress for $95 sacrifices are not necessary!!

So, our future is bright!!

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